Anne Cleveland

Yorkshire-based singer songwriter Anne Cleveland has been singing and composing since she was a child. By the time Anne entered her teens in the late Sixties she had already familiarised herself with the Great American Songbook, courtesy of her dad’s extensive jazz record collection, and was soon to become not only a devoted fan of all things soul and rhythm and blues but also of the seventies wave of singer songwriters – most notably Carole King, Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell. Over the decades, Anne’s love of music has continued to broaden, and her song writing has developed into the unique style she performs today.

Anne has released three EPs of her music, the most recent recorded in 2018 here at Legal Studios with her trio of piano, bass and drums. Anne’s gentle jazz style, beautiful voice and intricate lyrics have won her many fans over the years, and she can be found in music venues all over Yorkshire performing both her own music and her favourite jazz standards.

Although Anne’s voice has been compared to singers such as Rumer and Norah Jones, she has a sound all of her own, which she embellishes with luscious backing harmonies. Every one of Anne’s songs has a story to tell and an image to portray, and she plans to extend her newest EP into a full-length album, which will be available in 2019.

Click here to view Anne’s Soundcloud page.

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