Our Services

Music production

Whether you are a singer/songwriter, choir, band or classical musician, we can deliver a first class product for you in our studio. From a simple demo track to a finished album, we offer a complete production service which includes musical arrangements, Pro Tools hard disc recording, use of our “stone room” for drum recording, baby grand piano, session musicians, mastering and artist support. In-house producer Kate Isaac works closely with artists, who benefit from her experience as a pianist, songwriter, arranger and producer. From 2019 we will be able to offer the use of our brand new acoustically balanced live room, which will have plenty of space for larger ensembles to record in.

Artist development

We have many years of experience working with artists and musicians of all ages and from all walks of life, so we understand the importance of evaluating the needs of each individual artist. We will work alongside you to develop and produce your best work, and aim to make the recording process enjoyable and rewarding.
Some artists benefit from coaching before or during studio sessions, and we have access to tutors in voice and other instruments to help you achieve the best sound for your recording.

Songwriting and arranging

We offer a complete arrangement service for music of most genres. We can provide a range of arrangements from a simple acoustic backing to a complete orchestration. If you are a singer, you can take advantage of our songwriting and lyric writing services. We often find that this takes the form of a partnership between songwriter and producer. You can come along with a few ideas or a complete arrangement, and we will work with you to achieve the sound you are looking for. We can produce scores of your arrangement via Sibelius 7 if required.

Session musicians

We have access to a team of session musicians who we can call upon to add live colour to your recording.
We can source drums and percussion, guitar, bass guitar, woodwind and saxophones, backing vocalists, brass and strings.

Legal Records

We can distribute your recordings via our label, Legal Records. We can arrange mastering, CD pressing and digital distribution. Legal Records is a member of The Association of Independent Music, The Performing Right Society and Phonographic Performance Limited.
Our mastering service is provided by Russ Hepworth-Sawyer at MottoSound 

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